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I know wisteria_ is working on the deleted scenes but I thought this was interesting.

The hybrid says this in voice over as Kendra, Kara and team enter with the nuke. Obvious season 4 hints.

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29 January 2007 @ 11:28 pm

If you don't know any of the current members of [info]cylon_secrets, who might vouch for you and are not active in any BSG LJ communities (where you might find a current [info]cylon_secrets member to vouch for you), then you're in the right place.

If you would still like to join, reply to this post and you will be matched with one of the screeners below:

katelennon , forget_why , nnaylime , jatnj , beanside , mlsky , life_on_queen , merdywoe , boutondor , hitwoman 

One of the screeners will reply to your comment and will friend your LJ for 2-4 weeks, depending on your posting frequency and the screener's discretion.

If you have a friends-locked journal, you'll have to friend back your screener for the screening period. When your screening time is over, your screener will reply again to your comment in this post including their verdict. One of the mods will then send you an invite.

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06 October 2010 @ 12:00 am
This is a community for discussing any and all Battlestar Galactica spoilers.

We have no secret/special source for spoilers, only an interest in gathering what's publicly available and discussing it.

You must join the community to read and participate in discussions. (Watching will only allow you to see the first two posts).

For community rules and guidelines for joining, see our profile.
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05 October 2010 @ 12:00 pm
If you are a NEW member who didn’t belong to thesecretcylon, then you must have a member of cylon_secrets vouch for you.

cylon_secrets members must comment here to vouch for their friends. The vouchee will then be allowed to join.

If you're new to LJ and don't yet have anyone willing to vouch for you, then visit other BSG communities (see battlestar_blog's extensive link list and/or bsg_directory), comment, post and make friends!


If you don't know any current members, then you can sign up to be SCREENED. Go to the SCREENING POST to ask for a screener.

PS: In case anyone is wondering, I've started deleting old vouching comments after the requests have been processed in order to keep the comment list a manageable length...
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