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A community for discussing Battlestar Galactica spoilers.

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Welcome! This is a community for discussing any and all Battlestar Galactica spoilers. Don’t join if you’re interested in remaining spoiler-free!

We have no secret/special source for spoilers, only an interest in gathering what's publicly available and discussing it.

You must join the community to read and participate in discussions.
(Watching the community will only allow you to see the first two posts).

To join:
  • If you know a current member of cylon_secrets, then ask her/him to vouch for you in the VOUCHING POST.

  • If you don't know any current members, then you can sign up to be SCREENED. Go to the SCREENING POST to ask for a screener.

Just a suggestion: the fastest way to become a member if you don't know any current ones would be to make friends in one of the many BSG LJ comms where many of our members are active. For BSG communities, see battlestar_blog's extensive link list and/or bsg_directory.

Community Rules:
  1. This is a multi-ship friendly site. No character-bashing in posts or icons please. No flaming.

  2. Keep ALL SPOILERS behind a LJ-cut with a brief, general description before the cut to allow people to decide what spoilers they want to read.

  3. When possible, please give the source of the spoiler and credit whoever found it.

  4. Do not repost discussions or spoilers you find here elsewhere (other LJ communities, message boards, mailing lists, etc.) without permission. If you want to discuss spoilers found here in your LJ, please do so in a locked post.